"I couldn’t feel more proud of these books, both as an independent publisher and an author."—Terez Mertes Rose

Once I’d made the decision to independently publish my novels, I knew what I wanted: a top-notch end product indistinguishable from a traditionally published book. In Bookfly Design and James T. Egan I found quality that exceeded my high expectations. I love the way James and Kira request lots of information about each project, looking over the manuscript, even, in order to subtly incorporate bits from the story into the cover design. For each of my two ballet novels, I wanted something that reflected the beauty and aesthetics of the ballet world, but its grit as well. James came through with brilliant, original covers both times. I couldn’t feel more proud of these books, both as an independent publisher and an author. I won’t go anywhere else for my third novel!
Terez Mertes Rose, author of the Ballet Theatre Chronicles
I hired James because of what I saw as his incredible eye for detail—his ability to add the seemingly smallest of touches that say so much, enrich his covers, and make them memorable. I was not disappointed! One thing I respect about James is that unlike other designers, he makes it his mission as much as he can to deeply understand and nail the brief first time, offering as his initial draft his best idea worked through to a high level. This meant that he allowed me full expression in my brief, something that really reassured me before I went off on my holidays and left him to it. Thanks to James, I was able to experience that amazing rush a debut author gets when they see their cover for the first time.
Caroline Cumming, author of The Love of One

"I would recommend James to anyone who wants a cover that is clearly a cut above the rest."—Stephanie Austin Edwards

As a debut novelist, I found there were so many details to handle prior to publication, I didn’t know if I would ever find the right cover designer. Then I discovered Bookfly Design. I chose to hire James based on his work which I saw online, and lucky for me it was an incredibly comfortable and rewarding experience. We emailed back and forth about style, theme, color and covers I liked. Once I wrote down the vision I had in mind if only I could do what he does, presto, he got it and this exquisite cover was born. I would recommend James to anyone who wants a cover that is clearly a cut above the rest and an equally rewarding working experience.
Stephanie Austin Edwards, author of What We Set in Motion
I was so impressed with Kira’s knowledge and attention to detail. Her suggestions were brilliant and I know my book is going to be so much stronger because of her help. James designed a book cover that surpassed my wildest dreams. Working with Kira and James was a wonderful experience. I highly recommend Bookfly Design for your book cover as well as editing needs.
Russell A. Baker, author of The American Dream

"Creative, visionary, extremely professional and so great to work with..."—Katy Evans

I thought I had presented James with quite the challenge in coming up with the perfect design for Collection. It’s an old-fashioned noir mystery, but with sci-fi elements. I wanted a cover that blended these two genres, and James pulled it off on the very first try. At first glance the cover looks like a retro pulp novel, but the more you explore the design the more you can spot the sci-fi elements. They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but I hope that’s not true. I’d be thrilled to have my book judged by James Egan’s artwork.
Shawn Kobb, author of Collection
James came up with a book cover design that surpassed even my wildest dreams. Creative, visionary, extremely professional and so great to work with, Bookfly Design is at the top of my favorite cover designers list!
Katy Evans, author of Ladies Man

"The entire experience couldn't have been better."—Trace Conger

My search for a cover designer was extensive, as I wanted to find someone who could design an appealing cover that echoed the emotional tones in a book I was working on. Not only that, but I wanted those tones, combined with a historical feel, to be repeated over a series of six books. I landed right on the money with James Egan at Bookfly Design. Straight away, with his very first draft, he demonstrated that he knew how to combine the small details from the stories (be it books or spoons or doors) with colors and a beautiful sweeping font to create a gorgeous and romantic cover that suited the books perfectly.
Christina E. Pilz, author of the Oliver and Jack series
James created the cover for my crime novel, SCAR TISSUE, and I couldn’t be happier. One thing that set James apart from other cover designers I’ve worked with in the past is that not only is he a talented artist, but he also provides great customer service. Some of the other designers I’ve worked with in the past might have been talented, but they struggled with the customer service aspect and were often unreliable or uncommunicative. James nailed it. From the concepts to the final design, he was a joy to work with. Kira was also fantastic at getting the project through the pipeline, and asked the right questions to get the project off to a good start. She was informative and responsive. The entire experience couldn’t have been better. I’ll absolutely use them again.
Trace Conger, author of Scar Tissue

"James is incredibly talented AND easy to work with, two things that don’t always go together."—Laura Kirwan

I cannot recommend Bookfly Design highly enough. I had absolutely no idea what I wanted my book’s cover to look like, or even what makes a good cover. James had me answer some detailed questions about the book, then was able to take my barely coherent answers and create an outstanding, eye-catching design that really captures the tone and feel of the book. I had such a great experience with Bookfly Design that I asked James to do the cover for my next book before the first one was fully finished.
J. Scott Matthews, author of Hardup
I’ll be using Bookfly for my covers from now on. No need to look any further. James is incredibly talented AND easy to work with, two things that don’t always go together. The real test of a service provider is how they act when things don’t go right. The first iteration of the Impervious cover was beautiful, absolutely beautiful, but belonged on somebody else’s book in a different genre. This wasn’t James’ fault, but mine for failing to clearly describe the tone and theme of the book. Without any fuss, James very patiently picked the info he needed out of my brain, started over, and wow. He sure it got it right the second time. And he repeated it with Crushed. James has created a unique and recognizable brand for the series that we can carry across the next five books. I’m already seeing increased sales based on these covers.
Laura Kirwan, author of the City of Eldrich series

"His patience, artistic skills, and insight into the story place James in a class above all other cover designers."—S.G. Courtright

I have often read a professional copyeditor is a must when self-publishing your book, and I could not agree more. I have been editing my book for years and have had the help of self-proclaimed wordsmiths and neither have come close to what Kira has done for my manuscript. I’m amazed and impressed with Kira’s knowledge, attention to detail, and professionalism. It was such a pleasure working with her, and I would highly recommend her to anyone!
Jillian Webster, author of Scared to Life
One would expect great talent from someone with the experience and credentials of Bookfly Design’s James T. Egan, but the cover he designed for Red Reins was well beyond any normal expectations. It was perfect! His uncanny ability to paint a picture that intrigues the senses while capturing the very essence of the story is phenomenal. I gave James very little input because I had no idea what I wanted. And yet, he immediately recognized the importance of the setting in my story and designed a cover that was exactly the dressing my book needed. Many have told me that they would pick up the book because of the cover. Isn’t that the whole point of a cover? His patience, artistic skills, and insight into the story place James in a class above all other cover designers. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with for my next book!
S.G. Courtright, author of Red Reins

"I'm amazed and impressed with Kira's knowledge, attention to detail, and professionalism."—Jillian Webster

It was a stroke of luck to find Kira Rubenthaler at Bookfly Design. I must have talked with thirty editors from New York to California before finding her. I wasn’t simply searching for a good editor. I was looking for the right editor. From the first day of working with her, Kira demonstrated a highly professional and caring touch in polishing my story, while staying true to my style. Her perfect pitch for language, exquisite ear and eye, and thought-provoking suggestions make her the perfect person to guide any writer’s book. She has an impeccable knowledge of grammar, precision in punctuation, and an unbelievably sharp eye for catching inaccuracies. You’ll find her advice to be spot-on. Once you’ve experienced Kira’s talents, you’ll never want any other editor on your writing team. I am most grateful for her wonderful work on Red Reins and look forward to her editing my next book.
S.G. Courtright, author of Red Reins
On a cold but sunny Saturday morning in February I received the cover of my book and opened the file. Dogs began to bark in the neighborhood as I yelled, ‘OH...MY...GOD! Look at THIS!’ Our dog ran for his cage. ‘Lower your voice, you’re scaring the dog,’ my wife said. I ran downstairs and emptied the paper shredder. Armed with a bag of confetti, I marched out to the driveway, printed proof cover in hand, waving at the neighborhood squirrels and throwing confetti in a one-man parade. Was I excited? HELL, YEAH! Bookfly had transformed my short stories into a work of art. I always thought they might be, but Bookfly Design validated it. I should say that my wife handed me a broom after my parade and told me clean up my act.
David Rada, author of Rookie Noir

"Bookfly has spoiled me for all other cover designers."—Amanda DeWees

Bookfly has spoiled me for all other cover designers. I presented James with the challenge of rebranding several books, and he created evocative and distinctive covers that lift my books out of their genre and give them the quality of literature. Not only is James a brilliant designer, but he has been consistently professional, prompt, friendly, and engaged at every step of the process. I especially appreciate that he and Kira prioritize good communication and always responded promptly and fully to my questions and concerns. I’m thrilled with my Bookfly experience and will definitely be returning for more covers.”
Amanda DeWees, author of Nocturne for a Widow
Bookfly’s covers perfectly match the genre and the ‘feel’ of my books—on top of that, they’re gorgeous. I consistently found James and Kira to be thoughtful, responsive to my concerns, and polite. An excellent experience, worth the price & highly recommended.
Erin Satie, author of the No Better Angels series

"My experience collaborating with them blew me away."—Domino Finn

I very highly recommend James and Bookfly Design. It was such a pleasure to work with them. James has an excellent artistic sense. Based on my very general suggestions, he came up with a fantastic book cover design that exceeded my expectations and completely reflected what I wanted. Everyone who sees the book cover is very impressed! In addition to the outstanding quality of his work, he is very professional, responsible, conscientious, and responsive, which made the entire experience even better. He also did the same wonderful job with the associated bookmark and website banner image that I requested from him. Thanks again!
Keren Perlmutter, editor of Determined: The Story of Holocaust Survivor Avraham Perlmutter
Bookfly’s portfolio was all the convincing I needed to give them a try, but my experience collaborating with them blew me away. Punctual and professional, James and the Bookfly team gave my novel personal attention, asking questions about the story and giving the manuscript a look. I brought conceptual ideas to the table but had no idea what I actually wanted; James went to work and came up with the perfect mockups. A good cover is about atmosphere just as much as composition, and Bookfly understands this. James is a master of genre nuance and strong typography. He knows exactly what a cover needs to communicate, and his graphic design skills leave a lasting impression. I won’t hesitate to use him for my next project.
Domino Finn, author of the Sycamore Moon and Black Magic Outlaw series

"Several readers have told me that my book covers got them to read a sample excerpt, buy the books and ultimately become fans…"—Craig Schaefer

The marketplace is crowded, and drawing an audience isn’t getting any easier. Several readers have told me that my book covers got them to read a sample excerpt, buy the books and ultimately become fans, when otherwise they might never have noticed them at all. That’s proof: Bookfly Design delivers results.
Craig Schaefer, author of the Daniel Faust novels
I had a wonderful experience with James, Kira and Bookfly Designs. James has an innate ability to look at a book and create a cover that exactly matches the mood and meaning of a story. He captured mine perfectly. My novel, The Big Mitt, is a historical mystery, and he dug in with rolled-up sleeves to find historical images for the cover that fit perfectly with my theme. He combined the images with his own fantastic artistic skills to make something that absolutely blew me away. Highly, highly, recommended!
Erik Rivenes, author of the Harm Queen Mystery series

"James...worked his magic to create covers that perfectly capture the feel of my books."—E.E. Holmes

My experience with Bookfly was wonderful from start to finish. James took the time to listen to my often rambling ideas and worked his magic to create covers that perfectly capture the feel of my books. I was particularly impressed with his attention to those small details that make all the difference in setting my books apart from the others on the shelf. James is a consummate creative professional, and I look forward to working with him again on the next book in my series, and also on future projects.
E.E. Holmes, author of the Gateway Trilogy
I feel incredibly fortunate to have found Kira Rubenthaler at Bookfly Design. She is unfailingly professional, delivering her edits on time and with welcome thoroughness. Her grammar is impeccable, and she has a great command of the finer points of punctuation. She also has an incredible eye for consistency, logic, and detail. If she suggested a word change, she’d flag recurrences, noting where I would have to change it throughout. She double-checked me where I didn’t think I needed it, correcting subtle inaccuracies in a Shakespeare quote and a song title, and pinpointed imprecise word choices. I found I completely trusted Kira’s judgment and took almost all her suggestions. There is no doubt in my mind that she greatly improved my book, and I look forward to working with her on the next one.
Joanne Lessner, author of And Justice for Some

"I highly recommend Bookfly Design for their professionalism, timeliness and outstanding quality of work."—Kyle Butler

As a first-time author you have a thousand different things going through your head pre-launch, final proofreads, marketing plan, social media, website development, etc. I cannot say enough about the confidence and assurance I felt in having my cover design in the hands of James and the Bookfly team. He was responsive, proactive and absolutely nailed the feel I was looking for. In addition, he was passionate about his work and genuinely excited about the project, something that came through in the cover art. Kira was a huge help in doing a final proofread on my manuscript and formatting my manuscript for Kindle delivery. Her help was invaluable and allowed me to focus on my website development. I have the utmost appreciation for their quick turnaround, and it feels great to know I have James and Kira on my team for the next one!
C.A. McGroarty, author of A Return to Normalcy, the Harley Basil Chronicles
I decided to work with Bookfly Design for the cover of my next book because their work was easily the most impressive I’ve seen. I provided all the details of what my book was about, but could only muster a few vague ideas of what the cover should look like. They took my ideas and nailed it on the first try with an amazing cover that perfectly captured the style, tone and essence I was looking for. After a few quick touch-ups, the cover was ready to go with no hassle at all. I highly recommend Bookfly Design for their professionalism, timeliness and outstanding quality of work.
— Kyle Butler, author of Bad Blood

"I was amazed at how he'd been able to take a roughly articulated vision and capture the essence of what I wanted to portray about the book. First-class experience."—MJ Kephart

Working with James was fantastic, far exceeding my expectations. I was impressed from the start, especially with his process of drawing out of me my own half-formed thoughts. When I got the final cover I was amazed at how he’d been able to take a roughly articulated vision and capture the essence of what I wanted to portray about the book. First-class experience.
MJ Kephart, author of White Sea Rising
I knew from my first interaction with Bookfly that my book was in great hands. They went beyond my basic concept and really grasped the essence of the book for its cover. I’ve often heard that a cover should convey the soul of a book, and Bookfly really captured mine with rich, dimensional artwork that I could not be more proud to display.
Estella Diez, author of Wraith

"What Bookfly Design has come up with is far better than anything I could have imagined."—Tom Formaro

I had certainly imagined what the cover for my novel, The Broken Heart Diet, would look like on many occasions. But what Bookfly Design has come up with is far better than anything I could have imagined. I’m blown away with how good it is. It perfectly captures the tone and theme of the book, and does so in a way that is amazingly eye-catching. I have no doubt that this design will attract readers to the book. In a word: Wow!
Tom Formaro, author of The Broken Heart Diet
As a first time writer, I found Bookfly Design’s service an exceptional choice for their efficiency, professionalism and of course, talent. When creating a novel, a cover image to truly describe your creation can be difficult to realize, not to mention frustrating as only you can feel what you want your readers to feel. The illustrators and the designers in the industry are amazing, but I found James’s ability to capture that image a needed breath of fresh air into my creation process. With his and Kira’s help, I am grateful for their inspiration and proud to have their design on my novel. Thanks again Bookfly Design for making this happen!
Eric Lindquist, author of Curse & Fate

"With Bookfly you'll enjoy a completely hassle-free and positive experience, all the way from ‘this is my idea’ to finished product."—Jeremy Lee James 

I have been searching for a professional-quality book cover designer with all the skills necessary to produce exceptional covers for our romance novels and novellas. James’s portfolio impressed me, and everything about his approach is 100% pro. He’s responsive, communicative, and most of all extremely talented. I can’t wait to see what he does with my next project!
Elizabeth Cole, author of the Secrets of the Zodiac historical romantic suspense series
I chose Bookfly to proofread my novel after an extensive search online. I have worked with many editors in the past decade, so I feel confident saying that Bookfly is among the best I have worked with. In addition, this novel was extremely important to me, as it was the first full-length novel (118,000 words) I’ve done and what I consider to be the launching of my lifelong dream to be a fiction writer. This had to be done right, and Bookfly came through for me in every aspect from communication, timeliness, and quality, to name a few. I will definitely use them again.
Luke Ahearn, author of Euphoria-Z

"Bookfly came through for me in every aspect…"—Luke Ahearn

Wow. I am absolutely amazed. I’ve been spending the entire morning going through your edits, and they are brilliant! Your attention to detail is phenomenal. I mean, I had high hopes, but you just blew me away. This book is going to be SO much stronger thanks to you! You caught so many things I never would have noticed on my own, and your stylistic suggestions are top-notch. This experience really drove home the truth that any writer who thinks they don’t need an editor is fooling themselves—and short-changing their audience. Working with you and James has been a fantastic experience from start to finish.
Craig Schaefer, author of the Daniel Faust novels
Of the myriad factors today’s indie-published author must weigh when choosing a book cover designer, the three most important are: 1) artistic talent, 2) the ability to convey drama with imagery, and 3) patient professionalism when dealing with feedback. I’m thrilled to say that Bookfly Design cranked the level past ‘10’ on all of these metrics! As someone who also makes his living as a creative professional (web design), I can happily recommend Bookfly to any author who wants not only a first-rate book cover, but one that will likely exceed the standard set by legacy publishers. Even better, with Bookfly you’ll enjoy a completely hassle-free and positive experience, all the way from ‘this is my idea’ to finished product.
Jeremy Lee James, author of I, Jequon

"Working with you and James has been a fantastic experience from start to finish."—Craig Schaefer

My standards are obscenely high. When faced with the dilemma of getting new covers for my first two books, as well as an eye-catching one for my latest work, I needed something that would stand out from the pack. We’ve all known the problem: the marketplace is filled with covers that scream ‘amateur.’ But I wanted something even better than just ‘professional’—I wanted something amazing. Bookfly Design to the rescue! James and Kira were a joy to work with, taking into consideration each and every detail I provided, and going the extra mile to make sure I was completely satisfied. I couldn’t be more excited with the final result, a trio of top-notch covers that beg for attention. In fact, I was so impressed with the experience that I’ve already scheduled time for Bookfly Design to create my next cover!
Matt Bronleewe, author of the August Adams adventure series
Working with Kira and James has been a wonderful and incredible experience. I commissioned from them a cover that I felt might be a challenge, but James created an image so fitting and eye-catching I was simply amazed. He took note of Pivot’s tone and themes, coupled them with the cover style I desired, and produced a distinctive and impressive image. At all times in the process, communication was open and professional. Kira made sure that I was satisfied with the design, and the entire project was finished within two weeks. I wholly recommend Bookfly Design to other authors. Kira and James create excellent work, and I will definitely commission them in the future.
L. C. Barlow, author of Pivot

"I couldn’t be more excited with the final result, a trio of top-notch covers."—Matt Bronleewe

As a professional writer and degreed artist I came to Bookfly with a story I was proud of and a cover design for it already in mind. An admitted perfectionist, I had high expectations, and I’m thrilled to say they were exceeded on both fronts. Kira is an exceptional listener, detailed editor and brilliant writer in her own right, and James possesses a creativity and graphic skillset that far exceeds most. Their combined services turned out to be both an incredible blessing and unbeatable value. I will certainly bring all my future writing and cover work to Bookfly.
Ever N. Hayes, author of Emergency Exit
As an independent author, I needed a set of covers for my novels that helped me stand out from the pack. Bookfly delivered. My designer plugged in to the themes of my stories and found images that conveyed them visually without having to go back and forth numerous times. He linked my titles together with schemes that are consistent without being repetitive at all. With combinations of images and fonts and color schemes that are eye-catching as both thumbnails and full-sized images, Bookfly made me a delighted customer.
Michael Berrier, author of Occupation, Cash Burn, Cargo, and In the Company of Thieves