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We have years of experience with design and editing. Our designer has made hundreds of covers. You can see examples across our site. Our editor is a former journalist, proofer, and high school English teacher.


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RECENT PROJECT: Oliver and Jack: In Axminster Workhouse by Christina E. Pilz

My search for a cover designer was extensive, as I wanted to find someone who could design an appealing cover that echoed the emotional tones in a book I was working on. Not only that, but I wanted those tones, combined with a historical feel, to be repeated over a series of six books. I landed right on the money with James Egan at Bookfly Design. Straight away, with his very first draft, he demonstrated that he knew how to combine the small details from the stories (be it books or spoons or doors) with colors and a beautiful sweeping font to create a gorgeous and romantic cover that suited the books perfectly.
Christina E. Pilz
The craftsmanship of this design is stunning. Every intricate detail makes this design not only accurate but intriguing as well.
— Thomas McGee, guest judge of the September ebook cover awards at TheBookDesigner.com